MadHouse Vinegar is committed to two things—creating world-class artisanal vinegar and making it using products that would have been poured down the drain.

Go back in time 150 years ago and you would find small batch vinegar production happening in every small town. Vinegar was local and the flavors were as varied and specific to the place in which they were created as we expect wine to be. But mass production ended all of that. Today those varietal vinegars are rare—lost in a sea of large-scale homogeneous vinegars made mostly from corn and wood pulp and flavored after fermentation to taste like red wine or white wine or apple cider.

Here at MhV, we’re returning to the old ways, while replacing an important component that’s been missing in the Ohio River Valley culinary ecosystem.

Southeastern Ohio and Northern Kentucky are filled with breweries, cider houses, vineyards, distilleries that all pump out delicious drinks that speak to the taste of this region. But they create waste, too--wort, skunked beer, wine or cider that misses the mark, spent grains, aging barrels that can’t be reused—waste that can end up in our water reclamation system and in our dumps.

So at MhV, we take it off their hands and make the tastiest vinegar you’ve ever tried. Vinegar that only needs a little salt and pepper to make the world’s best salad dressing. Vinegar bartenders are using to craft killer shrubs. Vinegar that brightens any food and makes any dish exponentially more complex. 

Vinegar that could only be made right here and right now—while simultaneously creating a more flavorful and sustainable community.



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